BURN & RETURN Recycle Program

By using plant based ingredients and reusable jars, we have worked hard as a business to be environmentally friendly in every way. In order to keep our jars out of the landfills, you will receive $5 off your next purchase for 3 jars and lids that are returned from a previously purchased candle. We will be able to use these jars to create new candles!

How it works :

  1. Burn your Idle & Wood Candles and soak the jars once used.
  2. All jars must be fully cleaned out prior to dropping off. If jars are not cleaned properly, you will not receive the full discount.
  3. Return 3 jars and lids (lids are not required) in the same condition in which they were purchased. Be sure to place the jars in our drop off bin on our porch and include your name.
  4. Email us at: info@idleandwood.ca for your discount code
  5. Jars and lids will be quality checked to ensure that they are able to be reused and made into new candles.
  6. Within 72 hours, you will receive an email with a discount code for your next purchase. You can use the discount code to receive $5 for 3 jars returned.